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To schedule a consultation call for your wedding or event florals please fill out the form at the link below or send us an email at
Wedding floral and event floral FAQ's below!


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Wedding FAQs

      Do you have a minimum I need to spend?

Simply put, NO. However, this does mean that pricing differs based on your floral needs

      Do you offer the arches for ceremony or do I need to rent those from another vendor?

We have a collection of arches that we use that you are more than welcome to choose from. However, if it is not in our inventory you may need to rent it else where if we cannot fabricate it 

      Am I able to pick the flowers I want used in my arrangements?

Yes and no. While we take note of your preferred blooms we cannot guarantee any specific flowers. Flowers are a gift from nature and they are seasonal beauties. Sometimes we can work our magic and get blooms out of season but that is not always the case. What we do guarantee is a color palette and style of arrangement upon booking. 

      If my venue offers centerpieces, can I order just my personal flowers from you?

Absolutely! While we don't prefer this, we are flexible and understand that sometimes you need to allocate your budget elsewhere

      How soon should I book?

As soon as possible! Schedule your consultation NOW and secure your wedding date before we are fully booked! Weddings get booked out 12-18 months in advance, sometimes MORE!

      Can I shop in studio and leave with fresh florals?

No... well, not everyday. We do host in studio shopping days but these are pre-announced on our instagram stories. 


      Do you only do wedding flowers?

NO! We love servicing any moment in your life where you believe flowers are needed. We do anything from birthdays, weekly deliveries, funerals, baby showers... you name it!

      Do you offer classes?

Yes, we do! We offer group or one on one classes in studio

      Do you only offer fresh flowers?

No, we also offer preserved and dried flower arrangements and pieces for events or home decor.

     What is the latest that I can order?

We ask that you give us at least 1 weeks notice to be able to accommodate your floral needs into our schedule!

      Can I order just 1 arrangement?

Yes! We do not have minimums for orders!


Floral FAQs

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